Ohui Organic Practices

Good afternoon,
Our exciting news, for those not already in the know, is that Ohui is now practising organic
processes and we look forward to being fully organically certified within the next couple of
Which brings me naturally to introduce our talented and fabulous Ohui viticulturist, Jayden
Blomfield. Jayden is the cornerstone of the organic processes now used at Ohui vineyard.
Jayden previously worked as a chef for ten years and although still passionate about food
and sourcing quality produce he needed a lifestyle change. He undertook to study a
Certificate in Grape Growing and Wine Making at the EIT in the Hawkes Bay for a year.
Originally planning on being a wine maker, Jayden realised throughout his studies that good
natural wine comes from the vineyard and decided to learn and work in the vineyard to build
his understanding of growing grapes for wine. Through his experiences Jayden believed that
he needed further understanding of organic practices to produce a healthy terroir driven
wine. He therefore went on to study the Certificate in Applied Organics and Biodynamics at
Taruna College in the Hawkes Bay.
'Once I took over the care of Ohui it felt right to use my gained knowledge of organics in
practice on the vines, to help gain and nurture balance in the vines and to help each season
and variety to fully express itself to the fullest' (Jayden Blomfield).

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